"It That's What It Is"

The black also give the volume a raise impermanence,
Interdependence origen
It's not the prudence but foresee,
May be without passing from
hot flashes.
Middle points to attain the function.
Loosing proportions of false ideals
Anti aged formula,
Ignorance in front -always present in daily treat-
So it's not about running from, it's not about rejoicing in a guitar'play.
It's a learning openness from birth to death
Otherwise it would be enclosure in Kham-around
Mahassukha / Sojourn/
flowers and abide.-
Be part on enchanted mind
behaving with a deeply state of serenity. Pay the debts, make the seeds grow up and stay secure that they can stand on their own feet;
and besides,
touching melodies
Unsual humor of being in a state of development
work-to work,
in which the day embrace the sun and the moon.
Your heart's open thousand petals,
With the compassion of the emotions of people´s vision.
Forever is open in the ultimate state.
Tenderness. Dressing designed for.
Everything has to be worked out to see some fruits
Stretching points,
drafted and compiled in one landscape.
Awakening all our embodiments are e-long, circuiting.

Yolanda Marín