“The Heart Of The Matter”

 The scars of own expression on the synedoche sphere
Cor d’escuma
Go forward, in putting a little hooking
in the lime´s time correction.
One image of the center line,
could leave him breathless,
without perennial risk
and that which seems gonna fall, like tears,
it´s jus the adjustment of so called vital uncooked roots;
it’s the void of that change in itself by the ego-self;
wagering on the pasture gives a better primordial trial
and second trial wouldn´t be disregarded
crow feathers arranged in a microtubule,
in one phonoscope the insistence in a crazy way
appear the raw intelligence
and in both : High-ranking way
–all in compassing-
microtubule down-
even in the most uneven and simple way
with every piece, which is another minimum part of you,
don´t underestimate the things –satori-
but in the complexion of
when you count your blessings
is the moment would be found
what you –them- are looking forward
(breathless on rumbling up into that deep)
The scars of own expression on the synedoche sphere
-Cor d’escuma-
Ligth of the sky vibrate on a regular pendulum, again.
-Dedication- In the Immediat way to whom this was requested- 10/04/2020.-
Om hrih bam jana -Kotala-