“Fasten Field Of Productivity”

Martes, Junio 25, 2019

“Fasten Field Of Productivity”

The indecipherable becomes discernible only when it can, touches or you leave it, the discernible becomes and is contracted as indescribable when the drums and trumpets dream silenced their brio, the shortage of a time, ancestrally, inconclusive.

Tarnished, without being in the incense burning cape now, but, among other things, an I or me, is the one that has to pay for what is acquired, collectable, payable or being in a open letter, bought, lef open to a conveyor, and not be held as responsible, as accounts receivable, left by the dead, for, that you, in any sphere, come under the light of a dream to settle it in some agreement couldn´t be operate.


Spain 2019.-

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