Sustancial tip-toes

No description at all
Free, quarks, nuance divises
Uni verso from afar,
All coming together to be the self, to acknowledge to us a bodichitta as we
experience life as a human beings,
Loosing so many cords in order to having another one, invisible, untamed, imprecise

Degrees it´s no the sound it´s just the firsts step to non-obvious state of emptiness to our acostumed mind to look forward things
As a square roof above our heads,
In that state we have an aspect to radiance and clear ligth that identify ourselves with all the existent, with all thar it´s no there…..
It´s not like feeding a baby with a vegetables soup cream, jam or compote.
May be if you have color, el son the apex, the possible end.ings
A pencil, you have to be care of,
which you are more closer to do the collage
But, in the end, collage it´s a empty space
Garlic it´s absent as same a tabasco,
Cycles of bis are cycles to preserve the inclusive of the insights
Transliteration can´t be a swindle then,
Has to be a link with the heart and the mind,
Rexbaisor´s, no mouth joint the depeche of
Crying happens when pouring water on real combinations of shrines
or home are down into ashes
Dilate, flowers ok moka, white, barely staine of painting arts in ourselves,
appeal in a apple, apperaing for pearing at
shootings stops at high ways,
clearing the turkis space of the certain type of regent chair
Tyro.nnasaurios. delete from dilate times
breaking down the Sol.abuged enterprise
if they have changed the minds..
if yes, but may be if not
afraid of what,
Collinear or Parinaud extended for

lights on the ligths and dark on the dark
there is not switched at all, is the curl, the cluster
cord-note, vertebral sounds....
lefting the myx inyect the sound in reverse
making a "piamadre"

Let´s make the turning one more day,
Peaceful part of life, fate to produce,
There it´s not a coxcomb in our open eyes to awareness
, disappear the bonds, the lines, the colors,
but not the feeling. Not the memories of ultimate symbols of

Inox, iron, x-eco,
In a profound silence, succinct, are
The bells chiming into the universe,


Un even.l

Yolanda Marín