Where the common prototypes goes,
the everyday words in the threshold of the blue sky?,
where are you going with,
Or what you did eat yesterday,
or the coffee that you drink today,
the little details you have with others,
the great gestures that
the others
have brought to your life,
perhaps, they,
that, should never be anything more
than the very nothing of the unlikely.
Where goes the forgiveness
resulting from bad gestures
where the unreal, or temporary love goes,
of the years,
coming from fantastic terrorist conquests,
where the wisdom, the compassion
that you get or try to catch,
got through –in- a holder?,
where is what you saw yesterday?,
a climb to Ávila,
it closed below,
where are the contracts re-shaped after a few lifts,
and where was or is the source of each fact,

the fundamental thing of being present.
whichever it would be
Where is the present trying the release the future,
where the race´s of the present relishing goes,
being the precedent of a drop of raining
before falling on the asphalt
Onto the Lung,
Timeless Happiness

se-ola, le olah, ban,


Katmandhú, Nepal,
Swayambuth Stairs,
March, 25´2018. Memories.-