Sphenoid cannot be threatened

Sphenoid cannot be threatened

Coin. Choking, wedging,
It´s the shape, itsn´t the m.ask prevalent in its coffer
Which confer aspect to the planet face
The croma (g)no-tion of Sutta Pitaka
Sister in law of the frontal lobe
Appear as basal symmetry of the ground to the four senses
So doesn´t include touch by now…faded…
Impaired, the vault occipital compartment


it´s the e-sphe.no..id (es)s…
it´s the coming and go sentences of three times
and numerous ramification because there
are the pivot point of conjuction,
the contraction
the tone for the armchair of this cubic region
two sphenoidal (es) senos dwelling
dont´be loose,
be on harmony with osseous shadows of other bone
two major oval butterflies drives the essence
are the tunnel for the vessels and nervous, hen
Superior face comes out
Descending through her one mysterious med line,
Crest sphenoidal,
like a force of Vajrakilaya attach the principle to emerge
emphapty to sow you, sympathetic
The my(s)thycal one, little bit, the Cresti Galli

Making the insertion through one thorn
Sphenoidal yoke, anvil, incus

chiasma sending singanl
giving p, matter of vibrid,
like palace of Dharmadatu for the orbital cavities
it´s the limit to the sella “mudra”
that´s why the miysterious clearify all Dorsum Sellae

Ungi(o)s or not uses the canal come in back retrospection
Or instead you make acopy of the Horner muscles
And the Ingrassias are the roof to the orbital zone
Vómer it´s the sacred sit for the roof of nostrils “fo.esses”
Vertically, u an down, pterigoideos process (apófisis),
Vidiano conduct cut across and through his
ownsame nervous to “serve.Il” as a conduct
From the bottom. Bifurcated apex end in a clic
Rafe,”mceque”-tres where two conduct insert with pharynx

Between the two sheets comes a recess
In the articulated skull,
Is occupied by the pyramidal process
Of a palatine vault
Spha.-foide-a “fo.sse” ita.-
Where the periestafilino is inserted
Evolution of it,
Make progress on rudimentary speech,
phonemes and guttural tone,

everything happened without a symbolic
random litter into the Universe´s human
twenty year cycles compress each ratio
So the sphenoid it´s the dark in red formula
Conception, projection and determination of
it´s the eternal junction with this macro Universe
that evolves in us
on e unique sentence for each of us
Geme or abrasive its depend of a context
Of a internal purpose
Of a peaceful companion
On material life spirits
Or dying force of regression
Decision are made
based on elongated periods
of rudimentary orbital abrasive context,
So there it´s no much that have to be done
Until the evolution itself take carge on it
Red, orange, black,
green, purple, pink, brown.coffee or
Vitreous o resinous
Serious pennant of Vajrakilaya eyes
Don´t make a chance to remain in a sole mode
Lights crossing, overpassing sign the
Kind of atomic bond strength or weak,
It´s try.
Doesn´t has a cleavage
so the fracture are always
Fitful an uneven
because they are resist to ”molecular disturbance”
so this pattern of garnet grains have lack
of compositional
zonation, homogenization, diffusion.

Implication, not a punishment
though in several occasion it´s the plug which passes anticipates bill to the consummate time
for whom are being the living or
may be it couldnt be charged to the ancestor
so it´s are turning into.
Myrtal essence of Red Dark,
If or not Sphe.noid?...

If a structure of, from…

The thirty two, Yafsoanita

Yolanda Marín