Neurons and it´s own way


            Shh, Dhh an IHH, signal pathway….

 Pull up, pull up, already is coming a near sexy encounter

           As well is something going on into some kind of form,

                                                 likeness, living cells

   A developing embryo upon it´s concentration level of a gradient medium

    “In-flat”.ing, hiding on belly  shapes, brain..rombhoid curves of mass evolving upon times, conforming song of sing a son

            Temporal, forntal, parietal, occipital

             Olfatory bulb who want to have anything to say like

             the others region because of its ancestral myth

                               or survival epics traces

     Guarding the elemental Self  concentrations of a CNS substance,

                  tap. dorsal body cavity, rap a brain housing it in a cranial cavity,

                 and the spinal cord in spinal canal, the white, embracing around  

                the signals, the neurons, jump down, and directly jump down to

                the axon. Guarding again….

                      So the white matter sometimes dreams with reach a dendrites substance to be its equal because the cerebellum wants to dare of think for itself as one unit of Hi Power, which it´s the poem of speed, the run of the white….may be an independent, a revolutionary who is looking for some structure of likeness, grasping a his own motive of “cordial drink”, smiling at unclog the bottle of plasticity, learning and taught by eternal note.cord of sounds. Space like as the purple context to spear some hunting for feed the so.u^l.a~rt.

                                                       Yolanda Marín