“Liberation Of Mind´s Contractions”

All coming together,
-to be the self-, or not,
by calling Gurú from Afar
acknowledged bodichitta perform its own voice
as much she has the potential to recognize as “we”

Experience life as a human beings,
Loosing so many chords,
In order for having one
or many talent as the unique font
But without the intention of functioning
as much as
the recognition
so, there reamain many qualities but we are not recollectors of anything,

and as a deep, vast vessel, into another ones,
each piece has his own essential beauty,
though if,
even, so,
ever if you woul be succeed in being the owner of “a self”,
in thoughts, souls, or tamed compilations of this time
only it would be, again, an individual perception,
it´s one eye above the mirror
though we think, in the mere fact, as a binocular vision,
applying to identify things likeky a solid matter

It´s a non avoidable laws of the existence,

you´re, at the, end,
the beginning of me,
in whichever point,

so, even if we are planning a life together,
lonely one,
you´ll never know...the mirror,
unless, you have the answer back

If there it´s contentment or surprising evocations
There is a hope to

at some level,
Being united with a major Goal,

Let feel the other,
there is a spiritual reason to make "dot".
through makes sense to live without fighting for atttach,
but for grasping without throwing values

Let, know others, hope is hope,

sense is no-nonsense.

the Guru- re-call, even form afar,
Is a sign that the Ultimate Reality it´s on time,
And the relative one, goes on his way to attain that,
even beyond the ultimate liberation.

Wich could be invisible, untamed, imprecise.
or resent by a present boon of nectar.

Yolanda Marín