“Gutters and V of CNS”

Trigeminal, semi –cal-nal,
You play with thi like a toy it would…
Hands make a silence,
ears a tear, mouth a kiss to advise, announce

V.Craneal pair of number of impaired subject to related of.
and trees that make the appointment with Varolious bridge
to make feel the electrical “quants” of the film,
so as a daikini of a Shri in a dancing of flames,
the brain send to the cerebellum the signals to make a
potential link,
an open window to refresh, it´s not a closout,
or cardiological diet
it´s the sense of purpose of Variolus be competent with
so the medulla scratch the son accord,
kind of sound that carry up the Thalamus,
endurance the ever-ready brand of some titular at the time,
an all the gray composition in, works for
all the gray that matters, all the grey cells….
Now you can embrace the bilaterally symmetrical body sizes,
So be the Appendages like a tentacles
that can change their position accord to the main body.

Two axes are the combination for a tour, it´s a code, a feet,

run off, puts geeks of neurons out of temporal source
designing with the anterolateral space you,
honey, reach a point, carry on
We were you? Whe I, you, him, her, nedd for hel.p.
That´s the eternal complaint of black matter
to posterior body wall.
And in the Returning at the beginning point
we have to remember, there, are,
factor, multifactorial axis, legacies, waxes
That ophthalmic nerve, your V, make the canoe,
your bet, V2, the maxillary nerve,
the credit car, it´s the river, because
they are sensory, cutaneous,
and the mandibular nerve, the V3 it´s the evergreen, like the
southwest coast, you die of pleasure to see it, elaborate the
substancial nectar which has legacies again of because of
your motor functions, but about this,
you have to pay for being standing up…
So in the parallel way we proceed joining
all the world we have at hands, dowel,
spike, wheat of Central Nervous Sound of cords

In the basal plate sails the neuron,
under its influence the bars of brain are flexible as diin,
r.egulating the four branches of inter-neu-ron-
and lower motor neurons
tongue, swallowing, chewing
Carry.go. jump, down hypofisarian function,
Pin-ball of timeless external existence,
Lucidity it´s the major inestimable
Requirement for/of ..(or) mind
Hipothalamus, link up your hormons,
Scan kind of grey grass