"Unbreaking The Future"

Sábado, Noviembre 12, 2016

One son, two son, three son of the same biological parent can have a two alter egos paternal and maternal figures as well as one father or mother can have one, two, three, four or every child of the world acting as a teacher, sponsor, executor, in a way that one or another get the counterpart the chance to learn something venerable about life, something permanent in our heart that could be a signal of emptiness of the world, a feeling of complitude beside of the faculty´s mind on to grasp things, spinning to stop the wheel if there you can see the possibility to go directly down her.
If one has to render to (onto) something is better the action and the mind are aligned for a good cause or a special omen about our possibles direction on this life and may be after these. Faces are the course of the river, and the hoods are only a roads to Mandalay as someone has to dare call it, and what was that we could or not “control”, apply rules or not, which hand is extended and which fit is enough close to assure a good punch? Or perhaps is only a little bet about what things are in there. So keeping this in mind the rule is inversely proportional at the moment the “father, executor” broke the “rule”, “the tradition, the “example” which is suppose to give at their own core. External and economics world are one piece of the wheel. The mechanism, the techno, but not the sentence. So if the wheel fall apart the novel, the peace, the hippocampus, the time zone, how could the others be on compassion all the time with him or her?. So, I think, humble as I can stay today that we have our myriad on the higher respect for the rules of each member of our housing, for the sovereignty and try to fix the continuum lines of broken promises that make angry people “lunch” and fight for a piece of land or a hat.
If there is a possibility to run the continuum counting on unbreaking “the future” for someone else it may be, an agreement. There, in the ultimate state, opening a third line with a renowed course because at the end there are many teachings around, many lands, many things about to give a good example, and “many”, “many, many many”, mantras on behalf of Buddha´s lands and all of these are vast and has its own limitless richness and space that cannot be unbroken or jumped without a terminal consequence. That´s to risky, and at the end….emptiness always can turn off the wheel and make of all of these a past-present-future sentence into in.verse proportion once and again for ever.