"Sounds of Bells in Buddhism"

Jueves, Noviembre 17, 2016

 Awakening the patterns of fire electrons in Benalmádena of Tara´ empowerments among other achievements.
Sitting on contemplation ang going after, it can be described at one tiny point into the vasteness of ligth and as super atomic reaction beside the conventional knowledge of its velocity, may be acting like a side of this mentioned particle but it´ works more acting as being a flare, in its beggining, or may be a "foggy" mass of clouds´energies. However, in the middle of this procces if we can put our attention on awake our conscience, seeing ourselves as a barrier that can being crossed for these energies, then, we experience a little clefts in the vasteness, by so in some way we had being pennetrated or cut, and we are the new electrons´s on space and time, therefore the meditation process it´ not only one whole of this, is the clear space and time beyond of beyond of every "spot".