Golden Promises

Domingo, Agosto 23, 2020

     A moonless night, boats on the nearest river of the coast remind silent, waiting on the shore to be relished –both, the moon and the boats-. None on board seems to have been understood, anything at all.  For some reason to some in the air the theory of a port far away was about an accomplice game for which sensitive kind of paper off ended up a misleading interpretation of  the proper lands.  May be a sweet and partial reasonable time had passed from the last time we had met to uncle Gerad that so it´s so real that there were a very wave under my skirt, under the reflect of the water as I was tempted by your calls.  By all of the vivid images were a design of a community. To leave a gap upper the water, just making a mark and give the appearance that a gate could be opened through the real sun beneath the spikes could arrive and the trial would be cleaned up.  You had slipped under our common robes in the same way at it happens when you have the primary senses unsleeping about our glimpses like a gypsies who had come to our lives asking for some directions to find the new land after a pilgrimage. Remember that? …yes, you said to me in a slightly voice, no bored guards at all, or pink fish into the black river at all.  Downstream was floating quietly without quitting at all its own resource or course of a decimal system of ancestors.  The dream.  The water.  The calls.  All was congruent in some point of the angles, but it wasn´t my homework to answered all of you because you guess I suppose to, I´m only doing some thing in order to redesign one special point of the very past line.  Now, for the rest of all of you, now it´s your route.  I´m at one side of it.

         -You found it….you…you, find the reason –Egleé had said to Warren after rouse abruptly, you had been thinking, you would give up! for my sister, for the childs…you are going to turn over the cupful of Golden promises.

        -I,….I have…I have to tell him –replied Warren, thinking about the reason about her spouse was dreaming about-. I have to give him the pin, the proper cup.

        -You Know what that means for you…it´s your force, your entire life´s purposefulness

         -But it a life, Egleé´s a relative of you.  It´s a chain.

         -Let me turn in him the sword.  The sword it´s only the trace of my grandfather.  

        -We both are Chinokoo since you were ten years, Egleé.  I …can see that in your eyes every single day. I can see in your black eyes the thinking of the chinokoo blood since we left the caves behind us.  Our empirical house, but nothing more now.  The commitment we hauled on our heart; it wasn´t only your responsibility, at all. However, you have watered down all of this as it was your thing and I feel… was not a balanced aspect of our reality for you.  If anyone have to surrender to something it should be me, now.

         -You know that it could be a great -represent- a great risk for all of us, us like a community, meaning. Could you give the cupful of promises?...You understand that there it´s the answers of the Gates´s of Samud.  The gate that it´s not for known condition created in this reality.  It´s the parallel system…Please…Warren..let me turn on him the sword.  The sword is only a seal and cupful it´s the meaning of your life.  The community. The pin of Samud´s lands and the interaction of our brain´s connection on the purposes of turning. You know what I really mean.

         -Yes!. May be for that, Egleé.  May be for that you are saying me now, what I should do?... If I wouldn´t tell or give him the secrecy, you know the people of your ancient roots as well would make a negative travel of the parallel point which implies for all of us at the very edge of this route to make more than a death point.

         So the blade of the sword would be in dangerous hands and would be perilous for our heads too...I don´t really think I have too much options.  Rarely, barely these two. One or another. Say it or silence the secret that was a released necessity to me that night, Egleé.

           -I understand…and that´s why I cannot put at risk any of our previous efforts to decrypt the key.  And you understand my position?.  I don´t have a choice either. The better I can do is give you my backboard in any time at any moment as always had been, my dear but I cannot let you alone to cross the river to this kind of

            -Yes, I know, Egleé that it´s not a good assembly for you either, it´s by your own blood.  Neither of your aforegoing attempts for a close up were the answer for them. The closest that you have been of achieve a liberation of a pattern of their foolish answers it´s the untamed force of your will.  But resign it at all? It´s to savage now.  We´ll be good and… our cousin Gerard would have to leave outside of our lives and this nightmare would be solved.

            -Ummmh..I would say that..

           -You don´t.  You don´t need it. I can read at your mind these thoughts sometimes.  Sometimes I cannot, but today I reach these “small canal” between us.  That´s why, today, I know you exactly what you dreamed about and I know your concern, that´s why the answer it´s not written yet.  So I can tell you that it´s entirely near of the shore.


              Egleé didn´t say anything more at all and put her head upper the chest of his husband while he give her a pat on her right shoulder and leaving her release of all the pendant activities of her mind on the reflect of the lake, the boat and the far away caves.


               By the time, the black moon was relentless leaving the space to open the dawn with a beautiful and clear sun. The boat was dancing above the waves and Warren was loosing swiftly of her to drop the ties and go into the North to look for Gerad and finish the history.


              Egleé tried to made some coffee and a breakfast for two, and after that she boarded up and sit down with his husband they started to do the first meal of the day. Only one day ahead of crossing to go down at the Port city land. There Warren met and talk with Gerad…So much conflict…so much interventions for something that was a natural line which was interrupted for a unforeseen circumstances of the stupid game.  That was a sort of circumcision at the end. Because we have to. They had been a miscalculation of timing and circumstances. 

                In the meantime he was relaxing with his coffee, the dawn and the vision of Egleé taking some deep breath to the sweetie water of he lake.

               The cold wind in our faces took much of our rouge faces.  He was responsible for this in another way at the sun could be.  Different method, different results but a similar sensation above the skin.

               The day was passing slowly and silently for both of them.  Each one of them was thinking in the preliminary stages of his responses to the course of the nature on their lives.  Egleé had been married to Warren by an arranged wedlock, by a secret society instructions of the chief of her ancestor.  She now was an indian woman, belonging at the Chinook Clan of America and his father was a pale, white, poor man who decided to sell his daughter to the Chinook chief of a tribe who can´t had any female descendant and who claims one girl to stamp a pact with another tribe for the reserve´s nature of the clan, for the patrimony and that have to be a girl.  So the pact was sealed and the timing were passing but the roots of Egleé can´t be denied by her in spite of.  At the sound of the trumpet she wake up of the dream.  At the age of ten after her initiation for the tribe´s rites she was claimed for her uncle Gerard by the heritage of the ancient gypsy clan, but she was growing with a Chinook family since was two years so could she be part of these past sentence now?...besides that she asked herself how could anyone dare to put on site her judgment, her delusions, and her pictures, like she could erased totally her life at one point.  Ad hoc, she wasn´t felt part of a caves since the day of her birth.  He was more free than that and more disciplinary that them too.  She was a dress…a dress..s, red dress that wasn´t  fake the reality of the dream.  White and red, union…pink at one point, blanch and black in another….

                So she was intended to remember something about her last shut-eye when the shore was finally met.  The injection of the boat was swift at this time and the sickness of the waves left on the sea properly.  His husband holdup into the port and was to relieve the anchor.  He ask her lo let him left alone to dissolve the pact with Gerard, so she decided to go out the boat and walk away for some time, having a coffee and something else whereas he would be come back.

              Many hours passed and she tired of waiting for him, begin to walk in that direction.  The south of the anywhere port.

            There were many places to take a beer so she had to enter in each of them to accomplish any information of Gerad´s typical place to having a great time with his colleagues.  Finally she was at the door of a restaurant where the owner´s guy of the bar speak to her and say that her cousin and Warren had left the bar about and hour ago and they had gone up street. So she rolled up the sinuous path to meet them thinking of Warren and the cupful when she pick out the cave of Gerad.  The white one with and a guitar´s symbols in the front of the wall, so she entered there without more delays.

              There were the two men.  Were there.  There were the answer.  The handsome one, her husband, and the ugly one, her uncle.

              She saw everything clear.  So clear that remembered all the embedded things about her birth, about her rights, about her.  The billow was unavoidable.  That was the risk.  The dominoes pieces were at the edge now.  So she decided, quietly turn around, no need to run for.  Run would be only the scary thing of the moment but then would have to persuade herself to beginning again after the experience. 

               Froasting for a little shine light inside her she could heard the voice of Warren calling her.  Asking her to return.  She doesn´t.  She couldn´t.  She was at that time, at that lime, in her own clarity so it wasn´t possible for her to destroy the clarity.  No bacilli or virus but the history of the bracelet of “four whispered lineages”.

              So all the world was falling apart.  And she become part of it again!!...

              She understood the trial.  The seal.  The sale. Because of that she had to make a retro movement in time to making a living.

              Egleé stopped to hurried up and allowed Warren to overtake her.  He hugged her tightly and when Egleé chewed his face, he knew she had known. She knew everything and him could not turn back nothing in time. Now, they both inhabited the same froasting soil although the initial starting point was different.  Sought.

                      No more boats and no more caves.  Only lands.

                      For now on, the trial was been resigned for her and under her entired knowledge and accesion.  She signed.  Yes, on the boat, after the dream she knew that she would  have to resigned.  So she carried down the paper, on the table´s Gerard cave and turn aroud in a raúl giro. No her spiritual  inheritance was subdue to the alter conditions of Gerard but this action was the only possibility to left his girls´s cousins free of a trials.  Treatment of slaves was a large chain on the Gerad´s stamina.  So she resigned to the sword, to the potential background of her tribes to make renowned to certain people and the secret was written on the paper.  Then she left the blade of the silver sword wielding of the Gerad´s Caves.  It was all he wanted.  The egos´s result of a won battled. And she knew that his husband had made an agreement with him to solve the problem and therefore she could keep the sword and the secrecy of deliver good qualities into the chain of others, hence how  could she reprove the love of him for her?...after all, was a purely intention but…..she couldn´t.  She couldn´t let go the cupfull of his hands.  This was a meaning.  A life for him.

                   Anyway, noting more could be addresing at hat point so she let it go totally.  And…thougth…for the bones…

                  For the past and the future, there it´s no present sustainable but enable to make a garland of suitable hands to beginning a new chapter.  She knew she can´t  deal with the tea´s potter every day because the kettle were empty sometiemes, so she could do the best that she could to raise a land, a home into the spehere of a cloudy and cold morning.

                  Taking away –she say to herself- and continued walking down the street toward the green marbled countryside knowing that the sword would vanished after one, only one sort of maledicent action, disentigrating completelly  on the parallel system due to the opponent force of a him and taking away his ilusory´s battles.

             Because she could  develop a special  ink with the lake´s water that only could recognize her female activity´s of reaction to seal the orders and trace the key to de Samud Gate.  At the end, was her sword. Was her force.



                                             In loving memory,      To the mind of Künzig Shamar Rinpoche