Lunes, Octubre 31, 2016

In several ocassion, in many times and for differents reason, depending of aspect of our minds in certains amount of times, moments, we have", it means "we see" that "we need answers" beyond something else under o upon our continum or "future destinations", or about supreme spheres of realization "which has been invented" co-create, generate for an enligthened minds so those links represent the "noose" with the teacher, engaging then with a personal guru as a constant, looking into sadhanas and so on into many teachings thats why we over complicate things as method to resolve equations. Trying to reinvent ourselves or something else. Other times we can experience a lifetime in less than five minutes just, simple, as Karmapa Thaye Dorje said:
"....All we need to do is sit, or stand in a place where we feel comfortable, quiet and peaceful.
Then, simply meditate and reflect, with a calm state of mind and body. Reflect on the past 24 hours - nothing more....
....By doing so, there is so much benefit. You will understand more about yourself, the various interesting aspects of your life. Not only will this help your memory, gain clarity, but it can truly help you understand yourself, and the true nature of happiness...
.....I encourage all of you to try this. I follow this practice as much as I can, and it definitely brings a lot of benefit".

Because five minutes -memosatbenalmádena- is already eternal time, -empty space- at least for whom has been writing the last X9 years.