Utilidades Y Beneficios De La Ley/The Employee Profits Sharing -Benefits-

Qué haces ahí...dando consejos. Sí igual a lo que se ha te pedido le haces oídos sordos, como bombilla sin luz, tirando de nuestros besugos para quedarte, como rareza ajena, con nuestros capitales otra vez. No importa sí lo llamas mejora colectiva, si lo anuncias como impuesto devuelto en creces para tu prole que viene siendo un increscendo, crecidita, también, pues. Que, en realidad, no te interesa un viento que cargue aguas para refrescar el huertecillo, que te las das de que vas ayudándolos poniéndoles el cesto para que lo rellenen, para que se amaguen y te recojan la "frutilla", que te necesitan para que te surtan de productos básicos para el "sembrao´"; pero en realidad; ellos te necesitan a tí aunque se justifican ante tí con la onda del pronto pago, las utilidades, el comedero -módico, dicho sea de paso-, el progreso colectivo y "poco a poco", mientras ellos, al-gu-nos, los dueños de los Comedores, comensales, se enriquecen con las bajas calorías que el sistema aporta al resto de los comensales.
What are you doing there ... giving advices . Yes wether what you have been asked to do you have been doing deaf ears like a light bulb without pulling out of our little fishes called breams to remain beside your real interests and as weirdness thing lingering the gratification back and keeping in his pocket our capital again. No matter if you call it collective improvement or if you announce it as returned tax allowance that your offspring will have as reward of some kind someday because they are still in-crescendo -just saying-, they literally are growing-up. How, in fact, it does not interest to themm a wind to carry or load water to cool the orchad, that you pose in fron of them like if you're helping them by putting the basket so they can fill it, and therefore, they have to crouch to collect the " strawberry ", that you need them to take the basics products of the sown, making into the believing that is for their own sake, but in reality, they will need you even to justified to you the existence of wave, the down payment , utilities, the trough - modest , like it were saying- calling it a form of collective and gradually progress while they, someo-ones-s, some-body-s, the owners of Eaters, -an d the diners come by- are enriching the top trending guys who try to feed you with this low calories that the system provides to those rest of the diners.