"Tibial Saucers"

Martes, Mayo 14, 2019

What is the area and the pyramidal volume of a dream that is surrounded by a chain of links where the last two function as the soleus muscle to the tibia in itsproper posterior face through the line of the soles?, so from the A"wakened States to Reflection Into Operating in Oneself"
The sublimation of practices in which the conscious control of breathing is meant to influence mental, emotional and physical state, sometimes to claimed, derived as a therapeutic effect and in the ...overnight inside from your real reasons for share this time and understand, that you yourself are amorphous, syncretic, bucolic, symmetrical, contractured, therefore it´s time that you load your backpack with the essentials and still committed to making the game an element of Restoration, and then, one can... one should be able to recognize "The favor or the Favorite long before deathbed...coming from the Real State"