S-He Lives In Hope-S

S-he lives in hope to beat the defeat,     S-he lives in hope to be free-disengaged or..anything, whatever, whatsoever     S-he lives in hope to attemp to be together, in real togetherness     S-he live in the hope to be a friendship into love-ship     Instants of real lights!     Who are possible that you be?     Knowing me-Knowing you!     S-he lives in hope to be an angel -the one fot he other-         not in dreams, nor only in mind, neither only on hand      ´Cause                  they have achieve the permission       to follow he "Sacred Angel path"        from another "Superior Angel" territory       S-he lives in hope to make love´s soul with           They live with the hope of a naturality,            They live with the conclusion´s of one dream                                                  Caressing souls!