"Handy Segments Of Earth´s Inhabit"

Sábado, Octubre 10, 2020
Can you improve the lines of the patterns which are initially horizontal or vertical?, in any case, may be sould be better design them Unusual that normality aspect?, considering those functions as socially Occupational.
The Power of Complementarity is a mixture of vision, which is based on a table of social-ethnic-cultural and individual values that must be shared between the parties, joint support fidelity and similarities in all or most of the objectives set to work as a team.
The power of complementarity is dualistic by expression, this means that as the blade of the sword can be used to protect against danger or serve as a weapon of attack and double force. It is important to clarify the double underline under the idea presented and carried out to be part of our notebook of accomplished facts and with which we take account of our productivity and effectiveness at the end of the day, or when we review the sum that is in our bank accounts
True complementarity brings with itself a naturalized empathy, a kind of denominated sympathy, empathy, and knowing-facts, which is a derivative of clear understandin; with that we develop a fervent attempt -at least- at equalization, admiration for the labours developed by the members of a particullarly group, empowered them towards what they are. And, therefor, you are part of the -aux- equation of them, because you are become-parteking/executor of the pointillism thorugh a chiral pitch shows a "phil" to real manifested conditions, hence through that ackowledged wisdom would exist an adequate complement with the interacting ones; However, you should keep in mind that the higher the standards you handle in every premise and valuations you "do" or will do, the hardercould turn it to find and make them effective, meas effectual, as one constant functionin to those acronyms in a system made up to minorities scanning tunneling.
That "brand" that -which- characterizes you are those tools, skills, visions, efforts concealed, a kind of naive euclid´s orchard, and buildings that then try to define you as the core of an "act of productivity" within a collective, and how you execute those acts are the way in which "you", only you´re measured the experiences´notions, motifs, and values, through you have valued your life, which will not always correspond to a consistent result -to your meaning of-, constructively or perspective or something else, beyond inenarrable. But, if you have managed from integrity and honesty those cores, and in addition, we will say that from minority to minority it is not a matter of course to find gold to melt into new and / or progressive genres but a way to simply live a life. The life is touched by you.
Ccs. 12´2012.-
Yolanda Marín.-