“What´s was the real state she was given Star o Stela”

Sábado, Octubre 1, 2016

So on in this material life, noise in the niger essence, poison scent at the mama house. But were o what is the mama house? The Houses of Common, or the Houses of the Commons Library. In the end, for many people it´s a lost place in the Obama lake, in the communist countries, into the squezze skins of occupational works or cold wars, in the black house for the niger and slaves whose have to look refuge in another system of life of which are existent into the planet now. Evil or goods, at some point, these people can´t think on that. Delude memories of a stable heart ready to give fusion. May be who thinks have to apply the pike has a snake under his own bed, perphaps it´s you, who want you squeeze something who has to chop, to mince the rotted bred of his/her table. Bad accords to judge or to improve other´s lifes. Bad partnership for whose to think life it´s to fuck others and look forward as if nothing had happened or all was befall were as simply book of Shakespeare or William Blake, among others rather than a tackled commitment.
Where the karma prevails, then? In the primitive states of your thoughts, action or intention or into the taken action taken to banish the essence or a compound. May be, into l.ethernal times all wants to ask for forgiveness at certain spaces, others will think the thing it´s about a destiny consecrated for something that hasn´t to have nothing to see with root, roof or blood the life it has to be lived, writing/talking about been wrote. And the others would want to rapped the “karma”, go under and from there go to the heaven or eternal happiness, but all of that require a special password. All it´s connected in a spiral web, not a U, not a bail. It´s more like a handgrip. One, no.ne has totally granted in addition to clear in clear light for ever.green (d), except those who has been an enlightened mind to walk into the rainbow and make the spiral, rescue the end´s world for many relates unrelated.

Blutrache is the eye to see the common year of hurting your own breed, like a modern Tablet all it´s seems to be expose in a Golden blackboard, into the sippe, coming to the wergel to congregate the important event of cleaning the vast and ferocious, incompetent traits of certain situation of life, that´s why people whose was illiterate o deadly haunted one hurts, as a minimum expression one wants” to apply the talión. Esnunna, Río Diyala was the place where the acadia language, a type of cuneiform writing gave the first cyphers. The cuneiform was originally written on tablets of wet clay, using a labeled plant stem wedge-shaped, hence its name. The term comes from the Latin cuneus cuneiform 'wedge' by the shape of the incisions, but an ancient Sumerian poem's called gag “wedge” of served as a reference method to write its code to cuneiform it was adopted by other languages: Akkadian, Elamite, Hittite and Luwian –“luvita”-expression of action, alphabets and inspired the Old Persian and Ugaritic.
Tables with commandments on the correct moral behavior in order to preserve moral pattern into the community.
For example, the Code of Ur-Nammu, based on economic compensation for damage, which aimed to combine the legal criteria throughout its territory, and ensure the smooth functioning of the economy. Sumerian cities lost their autonomy it once enjoyed and came under direct control of the king of Ur. Nippur has one traduction an a temple for hos divine God, Enlil, Sippar, where was build the great Zigurat together to the center of the city´s heart.

Containing raw materials and tax laws on rents, wages, loans, slaves, family relations, property and physical violence. No prologue and epilogue, contrary to what happens in other codes of the time, although he could have had them and not be known, given the poor condition in which it has reached us. Most penalties apply the law of retaliation.

So as I say at the beginning, including mythological and unfinishable histories of laws, codes and made of son, songs to sing the son for a nice dream, like pills, memorials centrifugal cases, twinning bears of unconditional love to make sustainable a live for a way to make productive harvest, conditions of flourishing, which in some case are stolen form the past grave an bring to the next cradle I certify the life has to be lived taken its nectar between states of toughness, discipline, wit, playfulness, humor, and consistency trying to overcome the difficulties and ghostly states of mind and those produced for complicated actions of physical sentences . So, here t´s the challenge, “the dairing”of two, or more aggregates..o purify, clean, keep going, arose the letters, the voices in favour of these handicaps cradles with moles pretentions in their skin. The problem it´s no about the mole because in some way all brings patches, the rude, the tragedy here make other people, other human beings, other beings of your own species whose think in a mastery of some kind without knowing the ulterior, or may be, the primal source of the site, of the event, of the source. The real source it´s no a embitter, a sour, or a sugar itlsef it´s a combination of a tincture or a mixture that has deeper root in our birth´s place (families branches) beyond karma or mark we have to think in the redirection things in an encourage, plus positive live of action before the sequence be annihilated in this state because in this stele pattern we revolve the things like a ocean full of seaweed approaching to the shore and where there remanin only seaweed, once the sea recedes inward of these sea again…..

One can elude and remember certain types of “hilly” songs, no sales, no blinkers, bandages or gazes but something that burst as real code on the planet carry by our races. Coming into the frenetic gallop as sea horse….

Om Benza Satto Hung!!