“Trying to say is equal to Trying To Live, In A Sense”

Jueves, Septiembre 13, 2018

There are too many factors involved in a final warning as to say that anything was the reason for something, the reason to disquietude, lifting the guns, the flight away or the amoral consummation, weaning or grout, too much engagement and management to answer that a single event defines life itself, and therefore to his successor, death. It's like if you wanted to "understand" the shadows only watching to the left over into a glass of red wine. Because that what defines the subterfuge, the evening without a guard, the dream made flesh are not only reasons, are not only motivations, are not the obituaries; are the lines that meet or converge with a physical action, so to speak, that is to input into a orbit.
Those things, person and images whch are enthralled by this kind of temporary “luck” are those that could serve as reference to the co-locals to launch a satisfaction experience of gathering the three times, and going lengthening the rope of those quoted in favor of that time.s, giving a example of valuations, and not making echo the masked golferia to stay in for very sump up particular credit balance; the sweat and the glory of those who have contributed pension plans to the complete genealogy, while they, the most astute, become the "crazy".crazy aspect of a suspected “wisdom” looking for rest, always at the expense of the grantors. Bank broken without containment and remedy for a part of the half, the previouis one or the last ones, when the moment of divisiorio arrives it´s not the kind of commitment which path´s consciousness arises for make an effor to benefit something on the “ground”, even if it is groundless a one “topic”.-

Yolanda Marín
Nepal, 03/2018.-