"One Point through Another"

Lunes, Mayo 14, 2018

"....There are some times that when you just arrive at "one point", you probably say to oneself: doesn´t seem as I dreamed it before? may be, yes, or may be not, exactly and probably it would be a phenomenon find it in a deep hole through you ave been diving for many eons, may be you can see into the distance a inter-line that appeal as a perfect one, a straight line, or thing, or way to follow, undertake or pin up a goal: build a result where you can doss, -every now and then- time to time; so when you stay there, you probably, again, presumably, think or come over to think: even when this result or fact wouldn´t be this which I or you have envisioned, you have to realize, that it would be one that minimizes the negative effects of aftereffects, it´s not only that real or "unreal" world or thing appear and you enjoy the flight because you have to keep on, the streaming is looking for you, the events looks for you every day, and all the world is moving and that keep looking for a result: it´s the result of being alive..."

Caracas, 18/05/2013.
Yolanda Marín
Paragraph of a book ¨The colonel blind by a Sun¨
Photos: "Hatillo-Lagunita" /Running on Sundays without Ávila.-