“Growing Old From High Tension”

Martes, Julio 30, 2019
    When one undertakes a journey towards a specific route, not totally unknown, but, may uncertain, in the term of completion it refers; destiny is the point, but the means to reach that destiny is the threshold of warp, -how fast can this change or not?, perhaps they are only stitches, or perhaps, they are cuts, scraps into the deepest level to change the level. Like someone in a video game passing to the next and final level but still, second options.
Minimizing ventures that do not approach the recipient's point, we must change the name of the sender on the envelope. Your adress. My adress. His adress. Repetition or emphasizing core and anteroom for balancing the diets in energy levels of prajna; sweet leaf teas. 
It is essential to change from 110Kv to 220kv. Location´s service is required for the term of that successive mode of recomposition, locations at the end of knowing now play a efinitive role: one who knew executions as selected days to reversal through those feeling on wanting or desire to seat and be on, will outface, denied poverty f moment, and will personify a new beneficial century.
The stages are not painted on the wall, the risks of losing coverage in the protective layer of one hundred and one thousand deities are neat; however, after the custioning period, the coating will be progressive. Courage and magnitude accompany the repainted statue of pietra dura and composites with orddered microstructures via dopan with graphene oxide.