Martes, Diciembre 8, 2015

   There are things, situations, which has been kept alive to be feel alive, others things are lived because it is the only way to keep the spark alive of the living itself, and ultimately, for the need to feel alive again, as before, as the top in what you were some day or perhaps, for older souls, where the force of the living are missing constantly and the strength of the habitable will want to leave on evictions of which is made the subject of the living, whre the human  are intermingle with all the misery, violence of all kinds and the souls marked by spiritual DNA in progression are bulging at the centerline.
    It´s seems, sometimes, the stories and above of all things these that narrate the love ones, walk among threats of epictimes and in the "real " present. And yes, many times it is so, the arguments, quarrel of the destinations here tend to separate rather than unite, and it´s worse when it happens between souls of “alchemical nature” because love has two faces and many, many sub-paths, one are veils, other are the alchimist one.
    The trees get sick from whitish lice invading its branches, its trunk , and weaken the system. That would be the only way a tree alchemical nature, having found a "basal" root expansion, would not allow the other tree merge with it; or the only way it would determine drastic decisions, but at very least this tree would transfer spirit to spirit its essence and would tell his decision before leaving your destination as alchemical tree in this present time.
   Alchemical tree does not allow your mirror be troubled because this could, may be, stop feel it, communicate, or lost without knowingly. It would not make sense for that tree generate more anxiety, more disturbing emotions, or negative aggregate to the mind at his "individual" experience that brings itself in his alchemical spirit of past live, due to present excessive sustained time because, he, the container tree also knew well the hard fight inasmuch he was to bore this, namely, to sustain for too many times the insolvent stuff.
    Alchemical trees are in bad situations, in difficult times, in contexts with guarimbas; doesn´t matter. Something, or someone... or they for themeselves are put there to find and generate those  things above the other (s) to apply its " shadow " so that you can breathe and relieve some of this climate-inter/climate towering time. If an alchemical tree had to leave or be booted, and transplanted elsewhere to perform a specific task, in times of contingency, if that happened, he would ever return for his alchemical mirror, or allow the other that founded him, or have a encounter in common ground, especially if one of these trees has decided to sit offering the other its shade so this can grow under his proper decision, again, "individual" to draw the new lines or how it´s has been dictate for his own core.
      Alchemical tree always want and desire the essence of your mirror. It is impossible that the branches do not touch, do not tangle, no mix, not are bended to look for each other and make love, there in alchemy, here in its green branches. In finite time, in infinite time, while there as a conjunction.  A existence.
     When the tree-mirror knows it's his time to merge, meaning, both structures, see that he is finally free of those things that have been tying his breath, then his new branches, his “new” content heart, ocean of nectar, would blossom within a totally and completely different sphere, when he could express its freedom in other ways and those things which were chained to a land where he doesn´t want or belong to amalgamate anymore, the release tree, would smile at him-her, and simply, would point out to them a way where its essence can contain the other “new” completely.



                               Yolanda Marín

                               In the essence and merits for:

         The Mind of 16 Karmapa, Ranjung Dorje,

         Energy field of 17Karmapa, Thaye Dorje, Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl





                -“The Goodness

                   Pure Land”-


                   Phowa 2005.-

             Editated in 2015.-