Street Stories

Jueves, Junio 1, 2017

"The dressed, undressed by itself"

-For God´s sake, what are you doing with the phone, honey?
-Lighting the screen, why?
- With the nipple? ... You do not have another part of the body with which to clean the screen?
-Do you have any problems, man?
-Ummhh ... pussy thing!, is a little perverted and obscene what I can think in this moment, and not just about myself...


Asking myself: How many advents will Buddha -could- need just to change the way the words are expressed? How to focus the context ... a normality within normality without producing a negative alert stereotype in basic behaviors.
May the recognition...Recognition of the ragaetton explore the basic insticnts and the same time the tatting from many cultural ways of feel the conscience active. The point it´s awareness to be conscious of....limitless.

Yolanda Marín