"Dreamed Awake that You Dream Asleep"

Domingo, Agosto 11, 2019

  Like cassiope hypnoides the mahasthamaprapta does the pouring and tips out from the compassionate way an infinite light through these incarnations, emanations and expression of Buddha´s enlightenment, besides recognition of discipline, pure effort, and complexion of layers coming from our drawer´s memorise talking through his or she representation on life´s commitment. Here we can define the points to go further on time, to build more positive status –ceiling- aside, by leaving a summary of those force´s laws, and the trikayas, to benefit the minds, at large. Then, are a presence, a guest; the sustainability "atoms" of these drawers which seems to have the record of one key which has to open the convoluted wave of communications. One, which live on from the "apparent visible and real world", the experience from the smallest, simples ceremonies of daily life, the most common switches of sambogakhaya forms, to carry these onto the embankment of the qualities residing on mind. From there on we recognize ourselves as human beings and subtle carcass, the vivid parts of a phenomenon, which are at the same time, are part of the link-doing which make the interlace from those two thing, assembling those two parts in one. That´s why we are the chain. The chain it´s only a chain because has shackles and each shackle has connected with each other through one of the previously one, an so on. Therefore this it´s the purpose to be the chain itself, and that´s assure us that one shackle is the former (the primary) and the other it´s the last one. Meanwhile, from one side to another we aspire to make the proclamations about being free from ourselves, but at the same time, in the midst of a sacredness environment and vision to experiencing it, the set of contradictions and views we have in our background, make us sometime, blind, so we have to deal with other senses. We have to preserve the memory of our meditation´s senses in the way we can recognize the differences and the resemblances we do with our experiences and relationships –why we resolve in our deep mind to call certain things, aspects by certain names- and be carefulness to go to much further where we can´t go back and compromise the sanity of a relationship; that are the biggest challenges of trikayas correlations without feel so much confusion because at the end the aftereffects is always present in some form.