"Donation´s, Ego - surrender"

Miércoles, Noviembre 7, 2018

But, even if there weren´t a possible solution to the "primary community stratum", under the sub-levels attained-, then, the groups of endurance, and those od advanced in the attempt of some kind od miracles and rescued "something", trying to be on returning the benefits,without wanting to; avoiding the Supreme attack of the bad administrations on government into a rise that it would be insurmountable for the less privileged, in a certain moment; they scream: leave us something! it was said to the Overbearing Negotiators of the Dispensary.
However, nobody lets go and everyone goes through. In a bang, what chance of a caveat exists? Going, some, imploring, more for that proviso, somehow, the people, make their prayer, in the matter of "By God", Buddha or Sarvamangalam, but if we are autonomous consciences, -as Somewhere have told us in other opportunities- how to make a request to / or / of "By God", we need such-or-such a thing, more depends on the compassionate and wise will of the human being, who is not yet android and the aspiration and good primary Heart´s core. But, as, a matter of truth, we do not know if we are autonomous of something or if we are suffering from a kind of genetic and avatarsal dysautonomy of someone or something else; that´s we insist on what we do not know, but we think we know: and also, some try to grant, but, those who want to care for something "real", make that the piece which can be divided, when it works in terms of two, before wasting half hour that could not be recicable in the eternal times, could be dispensed again as one timeless precious awareness ...