“The Dissimulation Process Of Building by Make-up”

Sábado, Junio 3, 2017

- And how does in your countries to remodel sites if the whole construction is block?
- Broking it down, collapsing it, as if it were rolled plaster. It is the same pattern, only a little more abrupt the process. The drywall is used to work´s spaces as medical consultants, offices or little commercial places -to make division-
-Ah ....
-And to replace, re-build and mount it again?
-Uncompromising, in certain way. We, go slowly ... to the Caribbean son. It's like showing a favorite place, telling a joke in the middle, taking a flavored soda and shaking his loin ... and ... asking you if you have a hammer, because he forgot "today", his.
-Ejemm ... well, then a remodeling process will take long?. Here in three months we are ready. -Fur of Marine´s shep ? thought myself-
-Indeed, we must multiplied this by similar part, or by two in some countries. Any remodeling, minimum is multiplied by two, in Latin America. It is brick´s dance as we were making childs.
-Then it's like a seduction process. Two by two, enlarging the blocks.

Yolanda Marín