"Cassete Erased"

Martes, Mayo 14, 2019

At a coffee shop .yesterday-:
A Brazilian girl, who had previously been sitting down, drinking coffee on the terrace of the place where I was -a common place now, raised by an Argentine-Spanish man, and his wife, Esther, Spanish. She has an extraordinary character but a short wick -as they say in here- has offered its place to exhibit the artistic traits, which in timing it´s an exercising action in leisure time, meanwhile in the search route, not "wasting time", in case of: assisted assistance -well, the brazilian girl, entered screaming that her purse had been stolen; then accused one of the teenage sons of the marriage of having kept the purse for themselves. Like it was an anomalous hour for coffee, the coffee shop was practically solitary. There was an instant, that the girl, approached to my table, at the end of the premises, trying to accuse this side as well. Esther, was furious, so she asked her to get out, to call the police and / or bring her to the coffee.
When the girl left the place, Esther, came to tell me that this young woman, was the employee of a marriage, who had a trial for mistreating her teenage son. The young man of Esther's son's was a college-study partner of his, had asked for refuge to Esther and his husband while he carried on to trial to his parents. Esther and her husband had served as protectors and testified at the trial on behalf of the boy, whom I could see, since their parents sent him to the coffee to verify the state of the situation, in certain bruises and scratches. After a short.medium talk, Esther managed herself and recover calm and control, and understand the perspective of the situation, beyond that her boy was accused. The mossos of Squadra arrived with the girl and started the blog in the coffee. After a while of approach, they explained to the girl, the current situation of robberies that attacks Spain and that one can not neglect even a second of their belongings, because if she had the purse leaning on the table and there was an oversight was only her responsibility -so the girl was put in question by the baggage that brought back with the trial, who in principle, she had to propped up to defend the boy, and then put on the side of the parents-. The mossos of Squadra found in Esther and her husband a new meeting place.
And for others, this are just contemplations and effectors of the actuarial reality of the system, let's walk. S
Some things remain for a long time in t-our-transit, others for a short time, and others only pass quickly as a wagon ....the mantras...
Yolanda Marín