"Betrothal Of Your Dreams´LOver "

Viernes, Junio 8, 2018

We will being a betrothal, the eternal dream of the master dreamers of dreams, which are going since collective till individual, and also search comes from the Heart. Where you want to go, that´s dream goes behind you, where you want them to be, they will be. making call themselves your sun and expect you to believe the story that you're going around the world for that dream, but, ultimately, it is the dream that follows you, the one who´s coming for you. You think you know, the other believe thy know, but ¡whom could know how tastes a flick of a tail-neck, if one of them is looking back and the other stays, or ends dispersed, or cut ruthlessly. He, the dream, intended to fall you in love with him and thus you would want to follow him to sleep whilst he is dreaming, and as he is sleeping, he drop into himself, defeated at last, after much somersault, fell, overcome by sleep. He has been fallen by the dream itself. As probably had never imagined.

Y.M. June 2013.
Photo: Ávila Mountain-Sunday Route-Going down to "No TE Apures Point". (8·30a.m). #InnerGuidance #Mahakalapuja/May2017.