Sooner or Lighter?

Lunes, Septiembre 18, 2017

¡See, as fast as it co  uld  be known,  pressing ears, between a bbow-fly and a bumblebee , amid a  listening room : ¡ton-ton-ton!, making a sound that the sheared  wooden  hammer does: "Eh .. that .. I 'm going to ask  you, for God´s sake..Jeez  ... " do something to not stop doing what needed to be done so that  this group or groups ... could be have aemplacemment and understood .  And those who preachby to God but not to be able to wonder how to sort  the statutes of any reform through the shadow of a parliamentary bench .  And to see if we 're hearing  our "For Gods´sake" I have to said that  this pray it´s nor determinant but the action would be! . Therefore,  some groups will not necessarily agree with one part of the group which  will be those who are trying to forming an anti- system.  This have to  be  mounted under debate, one which is relevant to the interests of the  major assets of the primary municipality  and keep trying to get away  from the continuos " For Gods´sake " of preachy´s people so it would be  neccesary to separate from the first group, simple because… well, war  devil is dead issue . The theme so far pursued only if you are worrying  about what is pursued by a chase chased that ends to be a squared one ,  and only that. But even if it is not a well possible solution to the  primary communal strata, then , groups of endurance and in advance  seeking for miracles and hackneyed attempt, again, again and  inadvertently blocked by onslaught to the " For God´sake ... let us  something to attach!. However, no one make a loose cloth and all make a  clog.  So, with a clogged door what are the possibilities of  a caveat  to exists?.    Going, imploring more for that caveat, we insist on  the issue of  " For God s´sake" , but if you are an autonomous , as we  have said on other occasions, ¡how  about to do a beg of/to/the “For  Gods´sake!” for that  what is needed for us. As, indeed, do not know if  we are autonomous from something or suffer a kind of genetic  dysautonomia and avataric one from someone or something else, too, we  insist on what we know, but we really don´t  know. But I do not want to  confuse you , it would not be fair. It´s better make no mistake now or  after about this supplication or with the  “Gods´sake, finally , " as a  line –safety pin- which lits ooms as a possibility, and perhaps toward  to the end .. there .. in the end .. or far away that would be something  achieved. My intention is not to besiege or never confuse you with this  theme of  begging to “For Gods´sake”  were this would be a team of  Formula One. I want to be explicit , point out a blank to explain and  make clear what we are exalting now emphasizes that we have to crouched  before we coud let him going for not forming more debris, more shadows  that do not expire but only reflects thin air, then when the pretentious  interference of the begging will be able to look at itself,  we´ll see  her going walking among citizens, making to us walk tracking to "For  Gods´sake" comes from others, marching, to let citizen certificate which  means autonomy or free will on the world stage and decoding the  infiltrators worldlets. Let them free. In this, the one, the other . All  of them. To ours. To whose that passed out , all-included. You have  concluded and set out the action before the prayer.       The most compelling and appropriate would be that once for all God  told you ¡yes!, and no more begs would be appearing; and therefore at  the high time he would intercede for us carrying away the aberrant, that  meant when I was seven years or so, something wondrous out there would  come adjustice them like a “Fox "  (El Zorro) and eliminate the thugs,  or what my interest group intended now - or then, wouldn´t be to  encourage a foxy principle designating only for my well-being, as if I  were an object of  "For Gods´sake "  and which also satisfy some kind of  expectation for me at some point and therefore I should hold it on my  hands just to be part of that complete God ... something that complete  me.    But unikely the history it´s not going accompanied , and to  see if you find that what initially were going to ask , and not the  others in the process of " For Gods´sake, God forgive me ", or the " By  God " because your heartless is already understood, but others will find  out and spend less time playing with  marbles of schizophrenic   prayers,  going clarifying that straitjackets are used to hallucinatory   cause, to witness from the invisible and the visible, in the best  cases  but not to " solve  or resolve something". So thus you will  understand that history goes negative most of the time.     As for  kissing the anti-perfect time there is no reconciliation with him,  anyhow have to be a Dionysian one - in this case- to them, and crushed  curse for us, in this case, and in some other time,  will be to whose  from beyond, - neither of us- is and it would be needed to conjure the  perfect time, and that is only possible in the anti material of  immaterial what is only possible in a parallel lines on which we could  be travel. " For Gods´sake, and you will be left  without a caterer God,  means you have to go directly to him to negotiate with, - with it -  remembering,  you're something, in principle,  part of it and at the  same time he is all and all have to pervade and contain you, so, with  more reasons, he might be benevolent. Especially with you. But what  happens when there is no spark sparking ?, when is not a “non -sanity "  of  “For Gods´sake”, then, we annonying and say to him, to theUniverse:  “Until when this shit " or "For Gods´sake,  that I 'm asking for that, I  am asking for support, hey,  up there ... is down ! "- . Silence. More  silence. And supply  becomes your question, or to, nor of them, to all.   From the Sun and Water, Fire , Air and Eter .. .    However, as we  said, the story is not about preferences or signs of white smoke, so I  consider it suitable to crush and remove aberrant Wing of the Gods. Now.  Today. And for those with a credibility on a low signal coming from  God-dess, believing in sparking the spark, and feeling heard, still  praying, they could melting in temperances and storms with not  strategies because they think they are the highlight of any future line.  It is not prayed, begged, to the contrary, is worked though random,  pulled and re- makeup. Mafalda also knows.    "For Gods´sake," Thank  God that we have come to where I wanted. Now we 're getting somewhere.   ¡No, “For Gods´sake”,  it´s not the roulette that are moving  on  favour,  nor the fortune wheel to plead us a flow spaces, dreams,  spells, as indicate the events that befall  to the most people of groups  do not control anything, people which have no power at all, most of the  time.  No, “For God´sake”, this cannot go on like this. So, if cursing ,  strike, nonsense or disrespect it will treat , then the " will of God  or God help me ," would not be to be going again to ask the “For  Gods´sake ," but that would be: Understanding : For God´s sake, and for  once in a while, do, doing, does, ... what God had done for himself if  he would be in a place, in yours. Sooner or lighter ?