Cassiope hypnoides

Viernes, Mayo 11, 2018

Like cassiope hypnoides the mahasthamaprapta in his pouring and compassionate way to pouring inifinite light through incarnations, emanation and expression of Buddha´s enlightenment, recognition of discipline, vomplexion, trikayas, and a sustaintability "atom" in the "apparent visible and real world", experiencing the smallest, simples and the most common switches of sambogakhaya like and enbakment of qualities of mind to recognize this sutil vivid part which are the part of ling.doing as a part of two things. One is in a way or another we are the chain, so the chain it´s only a chain because has shackles and each shakles it´s connected with each other through one of them an so on, therefore thi is the purpose of the being the chain itself. But, in the other side we aspire to make the proclamationsabout being free from ourselves, and at the same time, in the midst of a sacredness enviroment and vision to experiencing the set of contradicitons and views without go to much further where we can´t go back to sanity are the biggest challenges of trikayas correlations without feel so much confusion at ends because the aftereffects is always a presence in some form.