"Associated Members"

Viernes, Septiembre 9, 2016

     Symbols couldn´t be made for anyone. Which is call, really engraving, not. It´s more than a poem write on paper. It´s was an incise on the five elements of ethereal essence. It´s the sound of an eifght through twenty one grains. Skull cups…

     It´s not about ink, it´s about "SEEDS" which can live inside us for the wheel of times. This memories can´t be dilutes. Dextro-giro movement sometimes in one life, may be can produced, it´s like being on a battlefield and let it pass, above or below us trying to let the middle cloudless or closed. Heart and vision always return to the Real home sooner or later verified of firsthand. So it´s impossible to be "inverted, in this sense"-. By the way, sown seeds in a present life can´t be erased either, it´s not about a replied account on Paypal, for example. These premise has its support on the central channel that had (has) been opened on the “individual earth” of each one of us and with prior consent; so these seeds are not a twitter on fly, a passenger on militancy. When those seed has been rooted then they manifest before or after times. Each one of us "Has" her/his own mark, signal, insigths, seething and sightseeing. Symbols, carved, even on stone can be infertile if it´s has a condition of a prescribed material by the due date for evolution of a quantum; however, I mean, seeds are sown and become, and to came again flourinshing life to life, cellular data, -in case of, you can see “them.a.live.” -. Besides, fhe product of seeds, allows us seize a universe of all its structure. And in the ultimate reality flowers can be peeled, cut of, and offer to others a /10.gifting #realexpierences/. So members associated at the club, we are going to keep going to those enchanting chants on heads, geons affiliated for the right reason, quixos on a a rare thee, where etereal anesthesia and knifes are fliying on other context, ¡remember the whole t”hing”! all it´s ethereal…it´s not a syndrome, it is a valid account in a verifying state of clean clouds, so is more than a bank full of treasure´s letters and represents the living reality, for an non instant you can feel the differentia between light of your heart and the massive, gross. Hence, by so the representants of the anti-context to engraved some pivot points to are welcoming to the wheel.

Yolanda Marín